Welcome the all new v5 ! invoiceninja.org/ we are working closely with the team to get our Cloudron app package out.

Wow! Thanks a lot for all the contribution to the translation. It reached 100% today! ❤️translate.cloudron.io/projects

New v4 package was just published with some fixes for the migration to v5. And of course, we are working the v5 package already forum.cloudron.io/topic/2479/i

Thanks everyone for testing, after fixing few issues, we have marked the EasyAppointments app package stable now! cloudron.io/store/org.easyappo

Roundcube needs a security update. We have published a new package version with it, please update soon! More info at forum.cloudron.io/topic/4401/r

We have published the first version of our Easy!Appointments package! Help us get it tested so we will be able to declare it stable soon 🙌😀 cloudron.io/store/org.easyappo

We are now sponsoring still small, but we are happy to be finally in a position to start supporting app projects financially as well. gitea.io/en-us/

We are starting to roll out 6.1 ! Stay tuned :-)
A forum post with more details will follow the next days. Until that for the geeks a raw changelog: git.cloudron.io/cloudron/box/-

We will support the @netcup API with our next release! This will make using Cloudron together with the pre-built image even easier 😀🤸

Reported, fixed, released, packaged, deployed! 🤸Thanks for the great turnaround time fixing an issue we encountered at translate.cloudron.io/projects :D github.com/WeblateOrg/weblate/

Our very own surfer app, the static file server got optional password or user protection for the site! cloudron.io/store/io.cloudron.

Cloudron 6 is fully rolled out! Support for @ubuntu 20.04, mailbox sharing, Solr FTS, , support, volumes API, .... blog.cloudron.io/cloudron-6/

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