Likely your Cloudron has already updated to v7.2 but all new features described in one article now

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I just (re)installed Mastodon using the services of @cloudron !

We have fully rolled out Cloudron v7.1! Among many great features, Cloudron now has full IPv6 support. Welcome to future 😅

Our 7.1 release will be delayed by about a week, as we were further reducing our dependency on various unmaintained node_modules. You can read all about and get excited about at

We are slowly rolling out Cloudron v7 fixing potential regressions on the way. All new features and fixes are discussed and presented at Full blog post coming up...

monitoring for your infrastructure uptime or likely more interesting if bad things happen, get timely notifications about downtimes: , and

How to use the battle-proven stack on to easily run all PHP + MySQL apps

Since we used the very great BGP routing table data for an internal use-case to lookup IP/ASN mapping, we have published an up-to-date opensource node module for everyone interested

Cloudron 6.3 fully rolled out! With Vultr DNS and object storage support, OCSP Stapling, storage volume support and lots more 😀

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★ Easy Indie App "Run your own X in a few clicks."

featuring apps from @cloudron CapRover and @yunohost

for people that prefer control panels to terminals…

Just a heads up, Cloudron v6.3.4 update, which is out for the curious ones, will require some more time than usual, since some core parts got lots of improvements, so make sure to trigger it during low traffic times.

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