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According to HostingTribunal Cloudron is "Best for running containerized apps" 馃檶

We are slowly pushing out Cloudron 5.6.2 This time it comes along with various new apps we have recently pushed and a boatload of small fixes. More about those later or just follow our forum 馃榾

The dolibarr app package for Cloudron left the gate and is up for testing by more people \o/

The initial @moodlenet app package for Cloudron is out hopefully with some testing we can mark it as stable soon :-)

Not to forget, we marked the Grafana app package now as stable in our app library! Such a great app 馃檶

Proposed and delivered 馃槃 We added a filter to easily get an overview of not running apps!

We use FreeScout everyday and are super happy with it. If possible, we try to contribute back to apps and so far the FreeScout team was very open and supportive! Thanks :D

Happy to announce Cloudron v5.6 which comes with a lot of email server improvements, emby hardware acceleration support and IP blocklists!

To support traditional LAMP stack based apps on Cloudron we have special apps with various php versions. Finally we have a guide how to migrate them properly to ensure the upgrade can be tested in a reproducible way and not risk breakage

We have moved our website to use the www. subdomain now! Some interesting links and comments about this can be found in our forum

Our documentation finally moved to the more common docs subdomain at and it is now deployed directly through a @gitlab CI pipeline into a surfer app instance!

We've added relay asset cache purging to our mastondon app packages, this greatly reduces the disk space used

And we finished our blog transition over to Ghost run on Cloudron of course! Still learning how to tweak and customize the app

We are in the process to finally move from our simplistic blog scripts to Ghost hosted on Cloudron! Most articles are moved already Ghost really is enjoyable to work with 馃檪

This instance is now also listed and connected to the relay Very smooth process to do so!

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