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Cubby, the plain but great app we at cloudron started to develop, got support today to sync with existing clients

With so many apps in our library now, we have a handful of app package updates for you every day! :-)

We have published omeka s now as a app. It is currently marked as unstable until we receive initial feedback and iron out packaging issues. Thanks to the Omeka team for this great app!

Everyone using and synapse on Cloudron, please update soon to close a security issue

The next release will also add improvements around managing external storage like sshfs, cifs and nfs. Again one are where we hopefully enable users to use technology without having to be an expert :-)

Welcome the all new v5 ! we are working closely with the team to get our Cloudron app package out.

Wow! Thanks a lot for all the contribution to the translation. It reached 100% today! ❤️

New v4 package was just published with some fixes for the migration to v5. And of course, we are working the v5 package already

Thanks everyone for testing, after fixing few issues, we have marked the EasyAppointments app package stable now!

Roundcube needs a security update. We have published a new package version with it, please update soon! More info at

We have published the first version of our Easy!Appointments package! Help us get it tested so we will be able to declare it stable soon 🙌😀

We are now sponsoring still small, but we are happy to be finally in a position to start supporting app projects financially as well.

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